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REPLAY: Annular Solar Eclipse - Kundalini Yoga and Gong Workshop

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REPLAY: Annular Solar Eclipse - Kundalini Yoga and Gong Workshop

Annular Solar Eclipse

A Kundalini Yoga and Gong Workshop with Harijiwan and Tej

"You will be surprised to know everybody has a personal language, personal fashion, personal identity. It is called personal circuitry. Every individual. This is a simple thing, you are a star like planet Earth, you are a planet and you have your own axle, and you have your own orbit. You have your own eclipse, you have own brightness, everything which is happening in the heavens you have it.  There are no two opinions about it." 
"That is why in Vedas say, what is in the heavens is also in you. Because human personality is no different than the planet itself.  Simply it’s a little tiny electromagnetic field with its movement and outside there is a huge electromagnetic field with its own movement. Planet Earth gets earthquakes, your personality gets earthquakes. You have earthquakes. Planet Earth has different seasons unexplainable, you have different moods unexplainable."
"So have no misunderstanding that you are totally different in your magnetic field than that of the heavens, but there is one chance you have. which nothing else has. You can totally review and view, I am using two words.  Review and view the totality, the totality of the infinity, which nobody else has the privilege." - Yogi Bhajan

Workshop is LIVE on September 1st, available on REPLAY until September 8th

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