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REPLAY: Fall Equinox Workshop with Harijiwan and Tej

REPLAY: Fall Equinox Workshop with Harijiwan and Tej

REPLAY of this event will begin on Saturday 9/24 and end on Friday 9/30

Fall Equinox A Kundalini Yoga and Gong Workshop with Harijiwan and Tej

"Today is the most important day in every human's life. It is the Equinox. We who have become civilized, are most uncivilized people. Through time we have forgotten everything about heavens, and through our scientific mind we feel Jupiter hangs in there, Moon hangs in there. They are there, we are here."

"You are so infinitely somewhere that you have not yet found the horizon of it. Oriental world took five thousand years of practical human experience, and five hundred thousand years of human experiment to come to produce the science of Kundalini yoga. I may not be the greatest man on the earth, but I am the greatest student because I loved it, I experimented it, and I understand it. Today I am going to deal with you because today I definitely can do it because today is the Equinox day. Hypnotic self. Today is the day. Today the heavens are crossing."

Yogi Bhajan

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